Arrival & Dismissal Policy

In order to create and ensure a safe environment and maximize instructional time at Princess Anne Elementary, the following procedures for arrival & dismissal will be followed:

1.  Students should not be dropped off before 8:25 AM. The parent drop off line starts at 8:20 on the left side of the building.  Please do not drop students off at the front doors.  If you arrive prior to 8:20, you will need to find a parking space.  DO NOT begin lining up along the curb prior to 8:20, as this will impede our staff’s ability to access the parking lot. We will begin opening car doors at 8:25.

2.  Students are expected to adhere to a consistent daily dismissal procedure. To change where a student goes at dismissal, how the student is transported, with whom the student leaves, or the time the student is released, Princess Anne Elementary requires the following:

  • A note or email from a parent/guardian authorizing the dismissal change, which includes:
    • Parent’s signature and date of dismissal change
    • Student’s first and last name
    • Name of student’s teacher

    PLEASE NOTE:  Emails MUST be sent to [email protected]. If the sender’s email is not recognized, the office staff will call the parent/guardian to confirm the dismissal change.  Please do not email your child’s teacher.  In addition, we do not accept phone calls. 

The cutoff time for dismissal changes is 2:30 PM. After 2:30, no other notes or emails will be accepted in the office and no further changes will be made to any student’s dismissal plan for that day. 

4.  All student pick-up at dismissal will take place in the hall outside of the library.  Doors will open at 2:55 PM.  Please enter through the double doors located inside the fenced in courtyard, near the library.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us to create and maintain a safe and academically-productive environment for the students of Princess Anne Elementary.