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New year’s resolutions   #paescommentcrew
Kids writing new years resolutions on banner

Members of the PAES Shoreline Newspaper interviewed students asking about their resolutions for the New Year. They were invited to share their resolutions on a banner in the hall. Here are some excerpts from their interviews:

Staff Reporter Yara A. : Caroline’s is to get better at spiking a volleyball; Jet’s is to become a businessman. 

Staff Reporter Korinne B.:  Alyssa’s is to get better at math; Niamh’s is to learn a new language. 

Staff Reporter Kayleigh P.: Lexi’s is to get better at math; Taylor’s is to read all of the Harry Potter books. 

Staff Reporter Charlotte K. :Ava’s  is to talk more often to her sister who lives in Florida.

One of our favorites is from SCA member Cooper S. His resolution is to get taller!